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About me

Being a Tech Enthusiast was not enough for me so I learned to create my own tools using code.
If something seems too difficult to make... then it is a great opportunity to learn!

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Chef's Log / Productivity App

This App will visually help everyone to track their workflow. This project is entirely made of Html, Css & Javascript. It uses local storage so your info will be saved in your machine, just pin the project and use it. It works with Touch mobile displays as well as on desktop.

See Live Source Code

Face Detection App

Face Detection App - create a new account, Login and this app will find a face on your pictures. Technologies used: React.js,Html, Javascript, Css, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Heroku.

See Live Source Code

Cat infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll implemented through Javascript. Using the Unsplash API to fetch for images without the need for the user to update the page. Technologies used: Html, Css, Javascript

See Live Source Code

Favourite Technical Skills so far in 2022

  • Main Language: Javascript

    and it's friends: Node.js, React.js,

  • Web Design

    The basic things plus more: HTML,CSS, Sass, Bootsrap

  • Version Control

    GIT, Github

  • Data Bases and Hosting

    PostGreSQL, Heroku

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